5 arrested, 8 wanted on riot charges

Five people have been arrested and eight more are wanted on charges of rioting from an incident in a local nightclub earlier this month.

Officers with the Panama City Police Department contacted the management of Vibez Dance and Night Club, 4300 W. Highway 98 in reference to an incident that occurred inside the business in the evening hours of May 22nd .

Social media posts from the night in question show a group of approximately 16 people, separated in groups of eight, face each other and exchange in what appeared to be gang signs. After the signs were displayed, in a unified action, the violent conduct began.

During the physical fight, patrons not involved in the altercation began to rush out of the nightclub in what appeared to be a panicked state. During the riot, multiple injuries were sustained on both sides and those involved were seen though CCTV footage provided by Vibez leaving with bloodied faces and torn clothing.

At no time was the Panama City Police Department contacted regarding the riot, either by club management or the patrons at the club that evening. Social media posts were discovered by the PCPD’s Street Crimes Unit that led to the investigation.

Warrants were issued for the arrest of as many parties involved that could be identified through video footage and witnesses to the riot.

Those arrested include: Devontie Stovall, 28, Nikolas Rivers, 24, Antonio Roulhac, 24, Jaiaustin Harrell, 25, Tarryan Anderson, 28.

Warrents have been issued for the following: Joshua Hepburn, 28, Jordan Young, 25, Jerrick Mackall, 29, Antoine Leverett, 16, Zachary McClelland, 24, Alancia Johnson, 22, Tyrone Francis Jr, 21, Tyeus Paul, 25. 

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