Griffitts, Trumbull win primary elections

Bay County overwhelming elected Griff Griffitts to the Florida House of Representatives yesterday with 66.45 percent of the vote to his challanger Brian Clowdus’s 33.55 percent.

Griffitts, who will represent District 6 in the Florida House, has served years as a Bay County commissioner for six years. 

The race was an open primary for the two Republicans, which allowed for all parties to vote as there was not a challenger from another party. 

Griffitts’ seat on the Bay County Commission will be filled by Claire Pease, who ran unopposed for the seat. 

Jay Trumbull Jr. handedly won the Republican primary for the District 2 state senate seat over his challenger, Regina Piazza, with 78.52 percent of the vote to Piazza’s 21.48 percent. 

Trumbull has served as state representative until he termed out this cycle  and entered the race for the seat vacated by Sen. George Gainer.  Trumbull will go on to  face Democrat Carolynn Zonia in the general election on November 8.

With 123,057 registered voters in Bay County, yesterday’s election only saw 30,429 ballots cast,  a 24.88% voter turnout.    

The results above are unofficial until the election has been certified.  

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