Bay District Schools Selects the Top Five Support Employees of the Year

Last week, Bay District Schools’s selection committee unveiled the names of the five finalists for the 2024 Support Employee of the Year. These exceptional staff members were handpicked from a pool of 39 nominees from our schools and departments. We are so proud of these finalists and want to extend our appreciation to them and the other nominees as well.

Below is information about each of the five finalists.

Ashlyn Ward, Chautauqua Learn and Serve Charter School
Ashlyn Ward hails from Bay County, where she proudly attended Millville Elementary, Everitt Middle, and Bay High School, leaving her mark as a dedicated alumna. Ashlyn is an employment specialist paraprofessional at Chautauqua Learn and Serve Charter School, and they are very grateful to have her on their team. At present, she’s passionately pursuing her Master’s Degree in Special Education and Post-Secondary Transition, aiming to make a notable impact on the education field. When she’s not immersed in her studies, Ashlyn enjoys quality time with her cherished family and friends while also planning her next trip to explore the world.

Roy Monroe, Cedar Grove Elementary School

Mr. Monroe is a dedicated 26-year Air Force veteran who, for the past nine years, has been lending his expertise to Bay District Schools. Mr. Monroe is a paraprofessional at Cedar Grove Elementary School, and his passion for working with students and providing assistance wherever it’s required knows no bounds. When he’s not in the educational realm, you’ll likely discover him in his garden, passionately tending to his plants or engaged in the ongoing battle against those pesky fire ants.

Thaddues Evans, Oscar Patterson Academy

In 2022, Thaddues Evans made a significant and lasting impact as he joined the Bay District Schools team, assuming the position of head custodian at Oscar Patterson Academy. Thaddues’s presence has been nothing short of invaluable, demonstrating a deep-rooted dedication to maintaining a safe and pristine environment for the students, their families, and the hardworking staff who make up Oscar Patterson’s community. His commitment to his work is not just a mere responsibility but a heartfelt devotion to the well-being and prosperity of everyone associated with the school.

Kerrie Russell, Margaret K. Lewis School

Kerrie Russell embarked on her remarkable career with Bay District Schools back in 1996, initially serving as a dedicated paraprofessional for an impressive 26 years. In her 27th year, she took on a new role as a custodian. Whenever Kerrie is called upon, which happens quite frequently at her school, she responds with warmth and a compassionate spirit, making students and staff her top priority throughout the day. Kerrie Russell firmly believes in the unique potential of every student at Margaret K Lewis and is wholeheartedly committed to helping them realize their fullest capabilities.

Theresa Ashley, Patronis Elementary School

Theresa Ashley has left an incredible mark on the Bay County Community for an impressive 17 years, with a special focus on the Bay District Schools since 2006. Throughout this time, she has served as a volunteer coach, prepared meals for friends in times of need, provided care for the elderly, poured her heart into her students, and is currently working as a paraprofessional at Patronis Elementary School. She’s been an unwavering and trusted colleague who consistently goes the extra mile, spreading joy and laughter wherever she goes. These instances are just a glimpse of how she embodies love, generosity, loyalty, dedication, and selflessness.

These remarkable support employees have shown exemplary dedication to their work, demonstrating their passion for ensuring the success and well-being of our students and staff. They have proven their commitment to maintaining a safe, efficient, and nurturing environment within Bay District Schools.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the finalists for their outstanding achievements and express our gratitude for their unwavering dedication to Bay District Schools.

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